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Creative Team

Our creative team is our greatest asset, and their passion for website design is evident in every project we undertake. We are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who are not only experts in their respective fields but also share our core values of excellence, creativity, and innovation. By fostering a collaborative environment, we encourage our team to share ideas, learn from each other, and continually push the boundaries of what is possible in digital web design.

Lasting relationships

Over the years of being a web design company, Lolli Media has built an impressive portfolio of successful projects across various industries, showcasing our versatility and adaptability. We take great pride in the lasting relationships we've formed with our clients, many of whom return to us for additional projects and refer our web design services to their peers.

Stand the test of time

In a world where digital presence is more important than ever, a web design company like Lolli Media is your trusted partner for crafting a unique and memorable online experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With our expertise, creativity, and passion for Hong Kong web design, we are committed to helping you build a digital legacy that will stand the test of time.

Elevate your brand

Let us embark on this journey together and allow Lolli Media, the best web design company in Hong Kong, to guide you through the exciting and ever-evolving world of digital web design. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life and create a digital experience that will elevate your brand to new heights. Welcome to the Lolli family; we can't wait to craft your digital legacy!

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We passion for design and the digital world ensures we strive to achieve our client’s visions, goals and continually meet and surpass client expectations!

User-Friendly Interface

Lolli will provide website design, as well as different types of website development in Hong Kong to create websites that are easy to navigate and utilize by providing very clear messaging, concise content, well balanced text and imagery, organized navigations, clear call to action buttons and encourage user interaction within the web design for HK clients.

Responsive Design

As a website design company, Lolli will optimize the website so that it can run smoothly on multiple screen sizes, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Not only will the web design fit the different screen sizes, but the interactions will be adapted specifically to fit that native device. For example, mouse over effects are only applicable to desktop and laptop versions of the web design and swiping gestures are native only to tablet and mobile website designs.

Balanced Content

It is critical that our Hong Kong web design services layout your content in an aesthetic, visually captivating but also easily readable design. To do this, the content must be organized and clearly structured. The website design should contain a balance of text and graphics so that the Hong Kong website design is search engine friendly while not being too text heavy. Doing this will allow the targeted audience to easily and efficiently find the information that they are looking for.

Consistent Branding

As an experienced web design company, Lolli custom website designs include incorporating branding identity elements adapted from your logo, brand guideline and / or other marketing collaterals into our web design. For example, we may take colors, fonts or patterns from your guideline and apply that to the website background, or we may take shapes and graphic elements from your logo and use them as icons on the website.The objective is to achieve a cohesive and recognisable design across multiple platforms, so that when users experience their web design in Hong Kong for the first time, it will be consistent with experiencing in other mediums from the same client.

Fast Loading Speed

The web design in HK will be optimized to load efficiently and quickly. The images and video sizes on your website will be compressed and optimized to improve loading speed. We will also apply caching techniques and dynamic loading, loading content on the website as the user scrolls to that content so that the website loading will be minimized where possible. As part of our add on service, if the client uses Lolli’s web hosting services, we will provide stable web servers with CDN further enhancing the website.


The web design will be created with maximum accessibility in mind, including but not limited to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA or AAA standards depending on the website requirements ensuring that it is usable by people with disabilities. The website design will also be optimized for all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera, ensuring that the maximum number of users will be able to experience the website as intended.


Hong Kong web designs should be secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA), and Two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure that the website has proper encryption, protecting it again against hacking and other security threats. To protect the website against possible malicious attacks, Lolli’s website development Hong Kong servers have firewall, anti spam and anti virus, enabled. As a precaution, the data on the website servers will be backed up daily. Each backup version will be kept for seven days and can be used to restore previous versions of the web design in HK on demand.

Interaction & Feedback Mechanisms

Lolli’s web design HK services would incorporate into your website feedback features allowing your customers to engage with you. This can be done by. adding call to action buttons link customers to those pages in order to guide user flow on the website. Using online web forms to receive online sales enquiries and expedite response time. Lastly, putting email newsletter subscriptions to gather customer data and push news. This will enable users to easily provide the intended feedback and enquiry submission, driving sales and increasing leads to our website designs in Hong Kong.

Data & Analytics

The web designs in Hong Kong by Lolli will install the appropriate data collection tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Pixels allowing the website to track user behavior, monitor website traffic and to determine ad effectiveness. For the client to  study the website traffic in detail, like analyzing the data to see page views, unique visitors per day, traffic origins, most used devices and platforms, geographic locations and more, Lolli’s web design services will use the above tools to support this. With this invaluable information you will be able to reach your target by making informed decisions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a web design company, Lolli Media will provide web designs that are optimized for the search engine by making sure the relevant keywords and number of characters meet the search engine’s requirements. For every page this applies for the page descriptions, page titles, alt tags and meta tags. It is essential to customize these in order to maximize your website’s unpaid search engine rating. We will also implement coding and design techniques to ensure that all the content on the website can be ready by the search engine and not embedded as images.

Our clients

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We’ve been lucky enough to have worked on website designs in Hong Kong with incredible clients across a very diverse range of industries.

Our process

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About our web design company Hong Kong services

How can having a good web design be advantageous for your business?

Having a good web design in HK can help your businesses in many ways, some advantages include:

  • By having a great web design in Hong Kong your business can reach a larger audience, targeting more potential customers and be able to increase brand impressions online. Increased eyeballs means increased website traffic as more customers will be able to find your website through various search engines. The increased traffic will generate greater online impressions ultimately leading to more business enquiries!
  • By having a professional built web design in HK, it can help you establish a credible image and build trust with potential customers. For many businesses their website is their first contact point with their customers and showcasing a professional, user friendly, concise and logical web design can make a great positive and lasting first impression among your targeted audience, resulting in higher engagement and leads.
  • With a professional website design, businesses in service industries can make it easier for your potential customers to review their list of services, look at past case studies and to generate online enquiries which will boost your sales. For businesses in the products industry, having a good website can help showcase your products and provide a platform for your customers to purchase online, seek support and provide user reviews.
  • A well thought out and custom designed web design in Hong Kong can help your businesses engage with customers more effectively. The use of interactive online forms can allow customers to easily send an inquiry or get in touch. Email subscription functions can allow you to collect customer data and push relevant information to them. Social Media integration on your website can allow for driving more social engagement and traffic to your social media platforms. These user engagements will allow you to develop a better and longer lasting relationship with customers.
  • By having a search engine optimized web design in HK, you can effectively market your business and allow potential customers to actively find you through search engine or social media channels at a low cost. You will not need to rely on paid search engine ads or traditional offline ads to drive traffic, greatly reducing your cost for acquiring new leads.

Why choose Lolli Media as your partner for web design and development?

There are a vast number of Hong Kong web design companies, choosing the right agency is crucial as it can lead to the effectiveness of your website and ultimately the impact it will have on your business and sales. Lolli Media is the best web design company in Hong Kong and offers the top website development in Hong Kong because Lolli is reliable, creative and experienced. Lolli media is an expert website design Hong Kong agency because:

  • Lolli offers custom and tailor-made website designs for your business as every business will require a unique design based on their business objectives, website goals, targeted audience and branding design. Lolli will dedicate the time to understand your business and create a design that reflects that, allowing your company’s identity to stand out from your competition.

  • Lolli has a dedicated in-house web design design services and development team in Hong Kong. Having a website development Hong Kong team made up of in-house Web designers, web developers and project managers, Lolli is able to collaborate, brainstorm and communicate with the client seamlessly and effortlessly through calls, online or face to face meetings, effectively providing valuable consul, insights and advice on your website while diligently meeting your timeline and deadline.

  • Compared to Lolli’s competitors, Lolli takes pride in our response time. We prioritize providing quick responses to clients to address critical questions and concerns efficiently. As a website design company, Lolli’s staff is always available to provide prompt support for your project throughout the entire project lifecycle.

  • As a web design company in Hong Kong, our team is very friendly and extremely passionate about their jobs as website designers. Lolli team is dedicated to achieving and surpassing your expectations, creating designs that are award worthy, which if the criterias are met, Lolli will submit the designs to relevant website design awards and competitions.

  • Lolli’s team is constantly up the date with the latest technologies in terms of functionality and animations. We are also attuned with the latest Hong Kong website design trends, suggesting and applying suitable website effects and elements that will make your website impress your customers leaving them in awe. We will ensure that your website is not only visually appealing but also consistent with your brand identity with suburb user experience.

  • With a long standing history in website design Hong Kong, established in 2007, Lolli’s knowledgeable web design team with over 17+ years of website development Hong Kong experience will guide you patiently through the website design & development process. Our website design company’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your web design project is carefully considered and crafted. From typography, color schemes, user experience and site performance, every aspect will be considered and covered.


What is responsive design, and why is this a necessity for websites?

Statistics have shown that the number of users accessing a website through a mobile and tablet device over desktop devices is increasing exponentially. A Hong Kong website design method that we use is responsive mobile / tablet designs which allow your website to adjust to different devices and screen resolutions by having a single website. A Hong Kong web design that is not responsive, is not optimized for mobile and tablet and will be difficult to use and navigate.

When Lolli’s team is designing web design in Hong Kong to optimize for responsiveness, the following are taken into consideration:

  • Since mobile, tablet and small laptop screens have significantly smaller screen sizes compared to desktops, when designing for those screen sizes, Lolli will rearrange elements, resize images, and organize content to fit the screen sizes.
  • Lolli will rework and adapt new designs for mobile and tablet navigation menus since traditional desktop website navigations will not fit those screen sizes. Many times a hamburger or expandable navigation will be adapted.
  • Lolli’s team will also consider different user behaviors from using different devices for interaction. Mobile and tablet devices have a distinct set of interactions such as touch gestures, swiping, tapping, and pinching and desktop has its own set of interactions with mouse overs, hover effects and scrolling wheel on the cursor. As a result our website development in Hong Kong will design the website with the above in mind optimizing it for each device.
  • Mobile and Tablet devices tend to have slower internet speeds when compared to desktops, as a result when Lolli designs for mobile and tablet devices, we need to optimize the loading speed by compressing images, minimizing the number of calls to the web server and database, and reduce the use of auto-playing videos on the website. In many cases, we will make use of caching, lazy loading and content delivery networks (CDNs) by a Hong Kong web design company to ensure the website is quick to load.
  • Lolli’s team will also focus on the website content and its legibility on different devices. Font sizes, line lengths, header / body text treatment will be considered for each device and screen size to ensure the website can achieve maximum readability.
  • Certain functions such as forms, drop down menus, data pickers and input fields may be more difficult to interact with when using devices with small screen sizes with smaller keyboards. As such, Lolli’s web designers will adapt and adjust these functions, menus and forms accordingly and thoroughly test them on multiple devices and screen sizes optimizing them for your Hong Kong web design.
  • Mobile and tablet devices have different orientations with both portrait and landscape views, as such this adds an extra dimension to Lolli’s web design and consideration when creating the layout and developing an optimized grid system that is flexible and adaptable on multiple devices, screen sizes and screen orientations.
  • Lolli will adapt a website design in Hong Kong from desktop to mobile and tablet responsive by conducting rigorous testing to ensure that the website is accessible, usable, and engaging on mobile and tablet devices. This procedure may involve conducting usability tests, A/B testing, and user surveys to identify and address any usability issues.By taking these factors into account, Lolli’s website design services in Hong Kong can create a mobile and tablet responsive website that is user friendly and optimized.

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

The time it takes for a web design company to design and develop a website can vary depending on the complexity of the project. A simple website may only take a month or two to design and develop, while a more complex website with custom features and functionality can take three to five months. The timeline can be varied based on many factors such as the number of client designs revisions requested, the time in between receiving client feedback and requests, the number of pages to the website, additional enhancements and add-ons to the project scope once the project has started, additional time required for generating or gathering new content text and imagery and so forth. 

Lolli will provide the client with a detailed timeline with specific dates, deliverables and key actions required from the client in order to meet specific deadlines once the project begins.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

According to Lolli, web design in HK refers to the visual design of a website, this includes the layout, color scheme, typography, grid, and overall style of the website. This is what we would call the aesthetics of the website, what the user typically sees when they view the website through a browser window. In order for the website program to run and function properly on an online web browser, Lolli needs to perform tasks relating to web development in Hong Kong by writing code and programing functions.This is the underlying technology and scripts that make the website features and animations work, they provide the logic and fundamental backbone to the website frontend and backend. Both of these are essential and a necessity for a website and are always covered in Lolli Media’s web design services.

How much does Lolli’s web design services typically cost?

The cost for Lolli’s website design in Hong Kong, as well as its development, can vary depending on the complexity of the project. As a high quality website design company Lolli’s pricing typically starts at HK$60,000. When judging a website’s complexity, a simple website with basic functionality and under five pages can cost very different to a more complex website with twenty plus pages, with custom features and functionality like membership, online payment and multiple languages. It is important to work with a website design company like Lolli Media to discuss and clearly work out the project scope and requirements in order to evaluate an estimated project fee. If you are interested in obtaining a quotation for your project, please get in touch with Lolli’s team and we can advise and guide you on scoping out your website and a quotation for it.

Does Lolli offer website maintenance services and why do I need it?

Once a website created by Lolli’s team has launched, the project will typically have a warranty period of 1 month. During this period, should there be any bugs or functions that are not working properly, Lolli will fix them free of charge as long as they are within the scope of the original project. Once the warranty period is over, the client may choose to purchase Lolli’s website maintenance service. 

Lolli’s website maintenance includes:

  • Lolli assists and helps the customer perform content updates which can involve adding, modifying, or removing website content, such as text, images, videos, and interactive features, to keep the Hong Kong web design up-to-date, accurate, and engaging for users. This may also include image modification, resizing, cropping or editing.

  • Lolli performs security checks, malware scans on the website to discover potential vulnerabilities. Our team will also apply security patches and update the backend CMS version and all relevant plugins to ensure that the updates are compatible, stable and that the website is performing as it should. These system updates are essential to prevent hacking, malware and other security threats as cyber security is gaining more awareness.

  • Lolli will also perform backups of all of the website’s source files and database to prevent any data loss. In the event of a hack, security breach, crash, accidental deletion or data corruption, our team can assist in restoring the website to the latest stable version within the last seven days.

  • Periodically certain API connections used on the website may require updates if the API source has updates. API connection such as but not limited to Google map, dynamic social media Feeds such as Instagram, Facebook / Meta, Booking system widgets and more. Lolli media’s Hong Kong website design service will include the update of these API integrations should they be required.

  • Lolli’s website design Hong Kong projects may also be affected by the latest browser updates which may clash or cause the website layout to look different than originally intended after updating to the latest browser version. Should this be the case, Lolli’s website design services in Hong Kong with maintenance add-on will include ensuring the website is compatible with the latest browser versions.

  • For marketing purposes, clients may require Lolli to assist in adding different tracking codes and scripts to monitor website performance or for ad retargeting and remarketing. Our web maintenance service will include adding and editing these tracking codes ensuring that the Hong Kong website design’s performance tracking is up to date and accurate.

  • For web design HK projects, it is also important to periodically update the website content or functionality to comply with legal and industry standards such as data privacy regulations, accessibility requirements, and search engine optimization guidelines. Our Website maintenance service will include helping our clients to modify and edit the website to fit these requirements upon request.

What is a templated web design and why is it not recommended?

Template websites involve purchasing a premade website which has already been designed and developed. 

While this is a quick and cost effective solution. The problem with this is that the website lacks flexibility and you cannot really alter the overall design or structure of the website. You must modify your content to fit the rigid structure of the template. Usually these templates are very difficult to edit with limited functionality, making it impossible to edit or enhance for additional features.

These website designs also look very standard and not unique at all. It will not be consistent with your brand and there is a chance that anyone who has purchased the same website template will have a website that looks almost exactly like yours.

Due to the above reasons, Lolli does not offer off the shelf templated website design and strongly advises clients to use this for their business.

What is a custom bespoke web design and what are the benefits?

Lolli Media is an expert in providing custom bespoke web design, which requires our team to understand your business, goals, targeted audience and branding, incorporating all these elements into a website design that is unique to your business. A custom web design is advantageous because it:

  • Provides a web design that is consistent with your brand identity and brand image. The web design will have recurring design elements from your brand guideline that will be consistent with your other marketing collaterals and inline with your brand values and personality. This will present a more professional impression to your customers. Fonts, color schemes, layouts and grid systems will be customized to maximize your website design.

  • Creates a website design that is more user friendly with functionality and features specifically added to help you achieve your business goals. For example, a product based website may have custom eCommerce and membership systems to drive sales and improve customer loyalty. On the other hand, service based websites may have tailor made features like surveys or chatbots to encourage customer engagement and provide customer support to improve overall customer experience.

  • Enhances a web design’s SEO and searching engine ranking since as the website is built, our web designers will optimize meta tags, strategically structure data, and relevant keywords to improve the search engine visibility. The custom website design Hong Kong to be tailor to your content instead of the other way around.

  • Develops a custom web design that will offer better scalability and adaptability for future development phrases. The website design will be flexible to add on to and make it easier to enhance in the future with new functionality and content. This is very important as your business expands and evolves, this will involve the website to adapt and change with your business. New tools or integration with new platforms may be required as the web design trend changes in Hong Kong.

  • Engineers the user flow on your website and guiding your customers to view and navigate your website as you intend, ultimately funneling and converting them into a lead and enquiry. The customized website design will have strategically placed call to action, booking and enquiry buttons placed through the site. The bespoke website will have suggested and related content pushed to the customer to encourage engagement and more page view.


What should I prepare before engaging Lolli Media for my website design Hong Kong project?

As a professional web design company, it is Lolli Media’s job to take the information and requirements that you provide to us and convey that idea through the website design that we created. In order to to this effectively and to ensure a smooth process, we recommend our clients to prepare the following before engaging in our web design services:

  • It is important to design your business goals and objectives, and determine what role the website design will play in helping you achieve those goals. For some clients the website will be used to further enhance their branding. For others, the website may be a primary sales tool used to drive direct sales online through eCommerce. In some cases, the website can be part of a short term marketing campaign to promote a specific product or work in parallel and serve as a tool with offline promotions and events.
  • Determining a rough budget in mind before engaging a website design company will also help Lolli to provide you with the best and more appropriate suggestions and solutions for your website design. There are infinite features, functions, and animations / effects that can be added to the website to enhance user experience, however each enhancement is directly proportional with the cost. Having a rough budget will allow our team to suggest the best option to you while meeting your end goal that is within your budget and mutually acceptable.
  • Identifying key deadlines and clearly communicating target launch dates will allow Lolli’s web design team to provide a meaningful timeline with milestones that can help guide you to meet your deadlines. Depending on the deadline, there may be certain milestones that must be confirmed or finished at a specific date, or finalized content must be provided at a specific time. With a clear picture, our team can remind the client along the way and set reasonable expectations so that the client will not be surprised in any way.
  • Providing valid web design style references, preferences and key competitors so that Lolli’s Hong Kong web design team can have a sense of direction to begin and optimize the research that we do. We may be experts in HK web design, but our clients are the experts in their industry, so we need them to communicate with us their expert opinion of their own business before we can provide our expert solution to deliver that message through the website design HK. Having a list of website design references will make the communication process smoother and provide a starting point and direction to our Hong Kong web designers.
  • Preparing the website content and assets before engaging in Lolli’s website design services will greatly speed up and streamline the website design process. With the content ready when creating the website designs, our web designers can customize the design for your content, knowing exactly how long paragraphs of text would be, what content to feature on the homepage, suggesting the best method to browse your images depending on the amount, knowing the orientations (portrait / landscape) of your images and more. Assets can include text, images, videos, logos and more.
  • Fully understand Lolli’s website design process as this requires the client to provide prompt and clear feedback at different milestones of the project. The website design development Hong Kong process is typically in Lolli’s contracts and quotations and we will always communicate this to our clients before the project commences so that they are clear on the responsibilities, deliverables and communication channels available. This will ensure a mutual understanding for a smooth collaboration through the entire website design lifecycle.