Web Design &

A web agency, with user experience vision backed with strong technical abilities, Lolli offers professional web design and development services aiming to create memorable online experience.

Responsive Web Design

With the growth of mobile and tablet browing, Lolli Media is able to develop websites with responsive web design that can display multiple layouts based on the browser's screen solution, ensuring the most optimal viewing experience. By doing so, websites will be easier to read and navigate reducing the amount of resizing, panning and scrolling, as the design will be made to fit specific screen resolutions while running on a single backend system.

E-Commerce Web Design

Lolli Media eCommerce web design solutions allow you to sell your products online via a custom platform that will allow you to manage orders, updates products and more. You will be able to sell products online and receive payment through paypal and credit cards.

Campaign Web Design

To support client’s campaigns and seasonal promotions, Lolli Media is able to design and develop small websites to boost the engagement rates. These websites can be developed very quickly to meet tight deadlines, and can be standalone mini-sites from the client’s main site. Such web design can include small games, voting systems, user uploading or tracking codes to capture user data and behavior.

Custom CMS

Lolli Media self-developed content management system allows for clients to update their website quickly and easily. Our system will effectively make web administration simple and efficient, reducing your cost in the long run.

Membership System

Apart from the frontend web design, Lolli Media also develops backend systems to store member information which can be used for promotional and marketing purposes like sending out newsletters and eDM. Membership areas are popular for sites that want to restrict certain areas or information in the website to specific VIPS or clients.

Product Catalog

Using databases to store product information, websites can dynamically display a wide range of products that can be easily updated by the client. This type of web design is suitable for fashion, trading or manufacturing companies that wish to display their products but do not wish to sell them online.


Digital Marketing

A marketing agency, with digital specialists, experts in search engine and multiple social media platforms, Lolli offers data driven custom marketing solutions to maximize your brand exposure and traffic online.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Provide marketing research and complete analysis on client’s digital brand performance, focusing on challenges and solutions supported by big data. We are able to work together with client’s in-house marketing teams to plan and deploy engaging marketing strategies, set realistic KPI achievements, evaluate campaign performances.

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketing specialists provide engaging content production and photography services to support multiple social media platforms. Our social media management services includes scheduling of posts, monthly reports, ad placement and campaign suggestions over Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and other platforms.

Digital Crisis Management

Using forum seeding and acting as a third party, we are able to assist our clients in the event of any brand crisis, negative feedback from customers, or competitor attacks. In addition, we are able to use forums to support any campaigns, product launches or special promotions, driving customers, generating positive reviews and providing product education.

O2O Campaign

In this generation, solely online campaigns are not enough. We provide online to offline and offline to online campaigns to maximize brand exposure and engagement, converting online fans to actual sales. Our solutions are custom made campaigns with creative ideas supported by PR events, media coverage, advertising trucks, road shows, and other solutions.


To boost client’s brand exposure and increase site traffic, we provide search engine consultancy, including meta tag suggestions, backlink generation and other search engine optimization recommendations to increase client’s organic search engine ranking. We also specialize in search engine marketing ad placement, increasing ad cost efficiency with detailed reporting.


Branding & Identity

A branding agency, with bold ideas and communicative visuals, Lolli offers timeless and memorable logo and brand concepts, adaptable to your company image creating the unforgettable face of your company.

Brand Strategy

Successful brands are built on solid strategic foundations. We begin by defining the brand values and proposition and articulate this in the most immediate way; providing a brand platform that guides future creative and shapes how the brand acts and behaves. Brand values further evolve into brand contracts, expectations that the brand wishes to fulfill with their customers.

Name Generation

Based on the brand positioning and direction, we will propose multiple names for the brand backed by strong ideas and concepts. In many cases, a brand’s success is heavily defined by the name, a name that can help consumers relate to, and driving brand values across global markets. 

Logo & Brand Identity

Through visual interpretation of the brand’s promise and strategy, we will develop memorably, timeless, recognizable, and relatable brand visuals aimed to trigger consumer associations. We provide logo design services formed out of balanced detail and subtlety that will visually communicate your brand ideas across to your selected range of sectors.

Brand Guideline

To preserve a consistent brand image and identity across multiple media and platforms, we will develop a brand guideline, expressing the brand’s approach through typography standards, color palettes, logo proportions and usage, and visual guidelines.


Graphic Design

A graphic agency, with strategic ideas integrated with brand concept, Lolli offers custom and unique designs for marketing stationary, aiming to create a strong impression on your services and products.

Corporate Collaterals

For a standard business, there are certain company stationaries that are essential. We are able to provide design and print production for business cards, brochures, letterheads, compliment slips, envelops and folders. Our designs will follow the client’s logo and brand guidelines, allowing for a consistent brand image.

Sales Tools

Whether it is selling a product or service, selling B2B or B2C, it is essential to have visually captivating sales tools to attract and convert customers. We can assist by designing leaflets, sales decks, power point presentation and newsletters.

Promotional Collaterals

To support our client’s ongoing promotions and campaigns, we provide graphic design for banner ads, stand up banners, posters, post cards, booklets, membership cards and coupons. In addition, we are able to provide printing service for all print design that we provide.

Other Collaterals

We provide print design and production for a wide range of different collaterals depending on the client’s needs. This can range from packaging, annual reports, stickers, exhibition backdrops, menus, banners, tent cards and more.