Lolli Media Limited is founded in 2007 by two dedicated web designers with strong knowledge of the internet and design industry accumulated by their years of experience in the field.

We are passionate about digital, and keen to help our clients adapt to the latest technologies. With a strong in-house team of designs, programmers and marketing specialists we focus on providing quality and consistent solutions with top service. Every project is an exciting project for us, come meet us and we can make history together!


A company without a philosophy is like a ship without a compass. It’s tempting to do stuff just because it looks nice. Nice design is not enough; it should also have a strong idea. We believe in combining design, technology and strategy to provide the best and most memorable user experience. This is our attitude toward every project we work on.

Over the years, with this attitude, we have positively affected the businesses of new startups, established brands, non-profitable organizations and emerging artists in Asia and beyond.

Let us

01 Imagine

02 Think


Your business

Lolli will meet the client to understand about their brand, their targeted market, and how their business works. From that, we will offer suggestions based on our experience and current digital trends. In the end, our solutions only work if we can help the business grow.

03 Create

Make it


This is where our team of designers, programmers and marketing specialist bring your ideas to life. We believe in the power of a strong idea but we also understand that it a strong idea can only work if supported by strong execution. Our team is there from start to finish, making sure the final product is just as we imagined.